Trip to Kuldiga

Trip to Kuldiga

Kuldiga’s historical centre features remains of buildings built back in early 13th century. The original construction style was preserved thanks to the fact that there were no big roads or railway lines crossing the city.

Our walk around the city will start in front of the church of Saint Catherine. Its foundation was laid back in 1252.

Our next stop will be the City Hall. It was built in the 17th century at the place where local residents used to hold their gatherings since Kuldiga was founded.

Kuldiga also boasts the oldest wooden building in Kurzeme. The house was built back in 1670. It is notable for its window and door decorations as well as its weathercock on the roof.

You will also visit Venta Rapid, which is considered the widest waterfall in Europe (its width ranges from 100-110 metres in average to about 279 in flood time).


1 peson (individual excursion) – 150 € per person

2 people – 100 € per person

rom 3 people and more – 85 € per person


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