Shiitake mushroom farm

Shiitake mushroom farm

The farm is located in the deep countryside of Kurzeme between Skrunde and Aizpute

Shiitake mushrooms have been known in the East lands since times immemorial. This unique product used to be an indispensable part of the diet of Chinese and Japanese rulers. Meals made of shiitake mushrooms were a privilege of the emperor, and ordinary people could not afford them. Nowadays these mushrooms are grown in many countries, including Latvia.

Vitamins and other biologically active substances in shiitake mushrooms help prevent many different diseases.

You will be able to:

see how shiitake mushrooms are grown;

learn about their history as well as about the history of the farm;

learn about health benefits of shiitake mushrooms.

buy shiitake mushroom products.


1 peson (individual excursion) – 150 € per person

2 people – 100 € per person

rom 3 people and more – 85 € per person


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