Frequently asked questions


What do I need to pack coming to the Academy?

Answer: Personal hygiene items, comfortable sport shoes, clothes for activities (two sets of sportswear for both outdoor activities and indoor activities (two for each activity)), swimming suit, slippers for swimming pool, clothing for the sauna and a bath robe. Details about what need to take with you, here.

Can I bring my own Nordic walking poles and fishing poles?

Answer: Yes, you can bring your own gear.

Are your meals suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Answer: Our recipes are put together with consideration to your personal needs and preferences, but are not suitable for “strict” vegans.

Will it be possible to wash and iron clothes?

Answer: Yes, you will have an opportunity to wash and iron your clothes.

Do you provide shuttle service to the location?

Answer: At the request of customers provide the transfer:
+ from the airport “RIGA” – 80 euros “for the car” one way (up to 4 people);
+ from railway station, bus station and city centre Riga – 100 Euro “the car” one way (up to 4 people).
+ from other districts of Riga, Riga districts, and other cities of Latvia the transfer price on request.

Will there be a dinner provided in case of a late check-in?

Answer: Yes, we provide a late dinner according to the current menu, at the very least – kefir (buttermilk).

Which medical documents do I need to take with me?

Answer: We recommend that you take the maximum amount of the medical documents that describe your current physical condition.

Is there a possibility to celebrate my birthday?

Answer: NO.

What additional paid services do you provide?

Answer: We have a list of paid services as like: analyzes and transfer service.

What languages does your staff speak?

Answer: Our staff speaks English, Russian and Latvian.