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French-Monagassko-Latvian company!



ACADEMY VITALITY was founded in 2013 by the French businessman Philippe Denain
ACADEMY VITALITY – is the unique center in the Baltic States and probably in the world, where the weight reduction process takes place in complete isolation without unnecessary temptations (wrong food, sweets and alcohol) on the territory of 180 hectares and under strict supervision of specialists. The reduction/correction weigh process includes a complex program with the system of ALL Inclusive: five times balanced diet, regular exercises and body and facial treatments.

The program includes:

  • Accommodation (choice of 5 types of apartment for single and double)
  • Five times balanced diet
  • Kefir days (Wednesdays and Sundays)
  • Consultation of the doctor (2 necessary and further if necessary)
  • Medical program (optional), details here.
  • Body composition analysis by bioimpedance
  • Cardiogram
  • Calculation of possible exercise stress
  • Consultation and conclusion of the nutritionist
  • Lectures of the nutritionist (2 times per week, optional)
  • Individual fitness program
  • Charging, accelerating metabolism (every morning)
  • Nordic walking (2 times a day for 1 hour)
  • Fitness (3 times per week)
  • Activities on the device of biomechanical stimulation stretching ( “Nazarov” addition to fitness) on doctor’s orders
  • Water aerobics (4 times per week) on doctor’s orders
  • The total body massage (every other day)
  • Face massage and lymphatic drainage boots (every other day)
  • Shower Charcot/Whirlpool (every fourth day)
  • Bathrooms: milk, beer (1 per week)
  • Horse riding (optional)
  • Every evening sauna is available (from 18.00 to 22.00)
  • Visit the pool (from 18.00 to 22.00 or in your free time)
  • Football, tennis ( “mechanical cannon”), basketball, table tennis, football, skiing, catamaran, kayak (sports equipment at the reception)
  • Fishing (optional, with own fishing rods)
  • Evening animated events (from 19.00 to 22.00, on request)
  • Excursions with a coach / animator, (Nordic walking, museums, mushroom farm, a wine cellar, a trip to the sea, the ostrich farm, city: Aizpute, Kuldiga, Liepaja, etc)

The price already includes all types of activities

For your convenience Wi-Fi access is on the entire territory of the center and also guest parking.

At the request of customers provide the transfer:
+ from the airport “RIGA” – 80 euros “for the car” one way (up to 4 people);
+ from railway station, bus station and city centre Riga – 100 Euro “the car” one way (up to 4 people).
+ from other districts of Riga, Riga districts, and other cities of Latvia the transfer price on request.

“We do not promise to clients something we can’t make”