Hypoxy-hyperoxy therapy

Hypoxy-hyperoxy therapy

Daily classes on the hypoxy-hyperoxy therapy apparatus for 30 to 40 minutes on the Cell air Gecko apparatus – 10 procedures (either every day for 30 minutes, upon arrival for 10 days, or every other day for 40 minutes upon arrival for 20 days).

After the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico, training in the middle altitude was firmly included in the training system for athletes of various specializations. It was held in the process of preparation for all following winter and summer Olympic Games, as well as before various world championships, European regional and national championships in sports. This therapy was used by athletes, swimmers, wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters, rowers, cyclists, basketball players, volleyball players and representatives of all winter sports.

There is an opinion that it is thanks to these trainings that athletes of Western countries reach heights in the sports arena. By the way, Russian athletes often neglect classes on this apparatus, as evidenced by our results.

The essence of the method is that you alternately inhale air with low and high oxygen content, as if you climb mountains and breathe mountain air.

The procedure has an anti-age effect, the body rejuvenates at the cellular level.

It improves the metabolism in the cell – as a result, there is a more pronounced effect of fat loss.

It stimulates the production of factors the prevention muscle loss, this prevents weight gain immediately after losing weight.

It increases resistance to any kind of stress, which also has a beneficial effect on weight loss.

It regulates sleep and blood pressure.

It improves the state of the walls of blood vessels and blood circulation throughout the body.

It improves performance if you exercise.

During the procedure, the client sits down conveniently in the chair, an individual mask puts on his face, air goes alternately with a high and low oxygen content. Before the first and final training, the state of the autonomic nervous system is assessed, the stress level is assessed, which allows you to choose a soft but effective training regime.


Price: 1 session – 50 Euro (we recommend a course of 10 treatments)