Medical contraindications

Medical contraindications for clients

Dear clients, before your arrival in the courses of weight control offered by the Academy VITALITY we kindly ask you read this information carefully. During the process of correcting the weight the following procedures are used: full body massage, lymph drainage and sauna.

Contraindications for the course are:

  1. Malignancies;
  2. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation;
  3. The formation of a blood clot in the vein walls – thrombophlebitis (acute phase);
  4. Ischemic heart disease, post myocardial infarction (less than six months), heart rhythm disturbances;
  5. State after stroke (less than six months);
  6. Pregnancy, lactation, the presence of fibroids;
  7. Kidney disease, accompanied by renal insufficiency;

PLEASE pay close attention to this information!