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Feedback from our guests

Natalya, 40 years old. Dnepropetrovsk.

I came here for 10 days with a desire to rest from my everyday life, problems at home and get healthier, if possible. I did not expect much, but in the end, I got something I could not even dream of. I stayed at a hospitable house, where it was cozy and warm. The atmosphere was awesome. Instead of 10 days I stayed for 18 days. Even though losing weight was not my goal, I lost 4.5 kilos (I came 60,7 kg and left 56,7 kg). I let myself relax in my heart and spent the time for myself. Let others do the thinking for me (that is I kept the daily schedule and the diet). It happened for the first time in my life. And what was nice – it worked. I lost weight, my body got tighter, I felt better and the best part – I felt like feeling that I can fully breath again!!! It is very good that this center is far away from civilization, no temptations!!! It is very important! Special thanks to the people who work there, they are great, kind, considerate. I am happy that my life brought me to be here. Thank you.

Svetlana Zaporozhtseva, 73 years old.

I came from Sakhalin and saw such an indescribable beauty that I could not take my eyes off it. Such a wonderful center for getting healthier and losing weight – it is like a fairy tale. The staff here are good and kind, very attentive. I am very happy that I got to be in such a heavenly place. I lost 6 kg. I will go to Sakhalin young and beautiful. May God give everybody good health, wellbeing and happiness. Respectfully, Svetlana.

Galina, 38 years old and Oksana, 42 years old.

We would like to express a deep gratitude to all staff at this wonderful island of beauty and health. Thank you all for your care, personal involvement and help on our difficult path to perfection! Thank you for the experience we received, optimism and knowledge. Solemnly promise to keep ourselves in shape, follow your advice and come back here to stay cheerful in our soul and wonderful mood!

Konstantin, 48 years old.

Huge gratitude for my health, care for my body, thank you for your hospitality. I am happy and glad here. My weight decreased by 5.5 kg here in 10 days, my waistline – by 5 cm.

Yulya, 42 years old. Ukraine.

Big thanks to the weight losing center, Maija, Karlis for their care about all of us and their great work that was put into this cozy building and its surroundings. I wish you success in advancing your plans to expand the center and I am sure that everything will work out for you. Actually, there are a lot of concepts for weight loss, but it is the first time that I see everything done with such a heart and attention for people, who are trying to get rid of the extra weight. May God give you strength and health, we will see each other again!

Nadezhda, 56 years old.

From the bottom of my heart I thank everybody that has built and works at my favorite place, which is so dear to me – Vitality! What a joy it is to fulfill an unfulfillable dream to drop the excess weight from my body, soul and mind! I still have something to strive for, and the main thing is that I have a desire to live, work and keep everything that I have: my friends and relatives, my favorite job and my health.

You all are amazing!

I am a lot slimmer! Thank you! I will come back to you! (And keep everything I already achieved!)

Olga, 31 years old. Minsk.

Our dear, beloved, kind people, thank you for your care, work, consideration. You are professionals! I fell in love with the Academy, I will come back many times for the emotions, feelings and health.
Thank you once again! Prosper and make people happy for many more years.
Now Belarus knows such a wonderful place as Vitality.

Ella, Jerusalem.

To say that I liked it is to say nothing. The new approach is amazing, original ideas and the main thing: personnel professionalism. You all are great! May everything go well for you all! I can see the result: in 5 days – 4 kg 800 g. Super!

Dmitry Yuryevich Horoshev

I would like to write these words of gratitude to the founder of this place and to all managers and executive staff. Pleasant environment and employees professionalism help achieve mindboggling results in terms of health strengthening.
I will recommend this place on all levels!

Tatyana Isoyan, Armenia.

Thanks to the masseuses, doctors, all personnel, cooks, trainers, entertainers, dear doctor Vyacheslav for professionalism, optimism and warmth.
The slogan “You are doomed to get thinner” is true. And the biggest praise – I want to come back again.

Valentina, 51 years old. Riga.

НI bow before and thank all your team!!! Here, thanks to you and with your help, I started getting away from depression, I started getting optimistic and enjoy living, my soul got younger, desires got resurrected. I got a hope for EVERYTHING! And in 10 days: + energy, – 5 kg, and – 7.5cm in my waste line!!! I am yours forever. There is a long road ahead, but with your support, help and understanding… Thank you!

Yelena Valler/strong>

Dear Vitality! I don’t want to leave! Everything was just the way I imagined it and probably even better! Thank you for your patience, will and quality, with which all your specialists treated us! All the best to you! To all personnel and management! With love and hoping to come back.

Nadezhda, 71 years old.

You save me once again! The first time, three years ago I came in a wheel chair… and I left walking on my own feet! Now 2 months ago I came with a cane, with a crotch so to speak… I gained weight after the first visit (I failed to keep the diet, because of stress etc.) Then I did not come for a long time: I was ashamed that I could not keep it, the labour of many people, who got me in shape the first time, was for nothing…
But we come back – there is nothing else to do!
This time a different tactic was suggested to me: without getting fanatical, without rushing, go steady and lose a little bit every day. Diet, walking (even with a restriction and a limited amount), all water exercises (swimming pool, aqua aerobics), massages (!!!) – one of the main procedures, physiotherapy procedures, Charcot’s douche, fitness (also limited due to age – 71.5 years old and a spinal cord operation)… There was a limited amount of armor in my disposal.
But! Nevertheless! In two months I lost 16.5 kg (!). And as my doctor said, I lost centimeters on all measurements, even the unreal once! Which brought a lot of joy to me. I could walk even the big circle (through the stable) and the small one, without even stopping… Earlier I could not walk 200 meters without losing breath!
I write with such detail, because it could be helpful for somebody like me age wise (and weight! It was quite big!)
The masseuses, fitness instructors and physiotherapy ladies will put their heart and strength in you and the doctor, who will come to help you at any moment, will save, explain, tell, weigh, measure, support, share the joy of getting good results… Eternal gratitude to him! Special thanks to our cooks!
Kindest words and wishing Weight Correction Center Academy Vitality success and prosperity!

Jamil Aliev

I have been to many resorts in Europe (Mirano, Alberto, Sha Clinic in Spain), but I never enjoyed them so much like I did at Academy Vitality. I am happy that I got to spend some time in wonderful, hospitable and friendly Latvia. You can judge by my weight if the slimming was effective: 7 days – minus 6 kg, like it was never there. I am leaving here hoping that I will come back soon. Big thank you once again to the founder and the team. See you soon!

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