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Dear Clients!

During the weight loss program you have the opportunity to improve health and completely get rid of the following diseases:
1. Hemorrhoids – 10 days
2. Cracks rectum – 10 days
3. Urinary incontinence – 21 days
4. Erectile Dysfunction – 21 days
5. Coccygodynia (pain in the coccyx) – 21 days

Also our program allows to strengthen muscles and restore elasticity, improve blood circulation, improve immunity, stabilize hormones and delay the onset of menopause:
1. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles – 21 days
2. Prevention of disorders in the intimate sphere – 21 days
3. Stabilization of hormonal levels during menopause – 21 days

Before going through the course of treatment you will get the consultation of specialist in accordance with the profile of the disease. Exercises are held on the territory of the center with the physiotherapy «HERCULES» / «PELVIC-FIT» equipment . The special feature of the course of treatment is original set of techniques and exercises based on conscious work with the pelvic muscles.

Classes are strict confidential. If you want to learn more detailed information, please contact Dr. Vyacheslav Chernyshev center.

The price – 100 euros per day (depending on room type)

Minimum course of 10 days.

Staying in our center is based on the principle of “all inclusive”.

Doctor consultations and analyzes – for an extra fee.

Individual sensor – 200 euros.

Complex survey

We can provide consultations of therapist, urologist, specialist of the vessels, an endocrinologist, nutritionist.

With the help of an integrated scientific approach we can return erectile function even for people who older than 60-70 years. The numbers of seats are limited!

The number of reservations is limited!

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