Rules of stay

Daily Schedule

Daily schedule is the basis for normal functioning of our bodies. Correct sequence of work and rest, different kinds of activities allow our bodies to restore their physical and phychological strength. Correct daily schedule allows proper distribution of time resource for rest, work, eating, self-development and taking care of ourselves.

You can see an example of a Daily Schedule for the Main Program here.
You can see an example of a Daily Schedule for the 7-Day Express Program here.


Guests must provide a valid ID.

We have 180 ha of isolated private property, guests are prohibited to leave the territory during their Academy Vitality program without being accompanied by a trainer and a permission from the Administration.

Check-in is possible only after 100% prepayment made to the Administrator on the day of arrival. In case of late check-in, the payment should be made the next morning before treatments. The payment can be made at your convenience by cash or credit card to the administrator.

Guests start the program after a consultation with a doctor. Guests must treat Academy Vitality property and equipment with care and are personally liable for any damage.

Age limitation for guests is 18 years old or older. 16-year-old and 17-year-old guests are permitted only in case they are being accompanied by parents (caregivers).

All treatment attendance according to the schedule (issued by Administrator) is mandatory for all guests, missing treatments is possible only with a special permission of the Academy’s doctor.

Following eating schedule that is provided by Academy Vitality is also a mandatory condition.

It is strictly forbidden to bring in any types of food or drinks to the Academy.

Administration has a right to assign a personal trainer for any guest for a period of time in case there is a problem with weight loss.

It is prohibited to accommodate any pets.

Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas.

It is allowed to have visitors during the program at the Academy Vitality, provided they also comply with these Rules of Stay and with a preliminary approval of the date of the visit with the Administration.

Visitor overnight stay at Academy Vitality is possible only under the condition of following these Rules of Stay, as well as following the diet according to the current schedule of the Academy and an approval from Administration.

It is mandatory for the guests to follow Daily Schedule and working hours of the Academy.