Program Silver Age 65+

Academy Vitality – is a French-Latvian weight correction center. It was founded in 2013 by a French businessmen Philippe Denain. Academy Vitality is one of a kind Center in the Baltics and probably in world, where the weight loss process takes place in full isolation from any temptations (wrong types of food, sweets and alcohol) in a spacious 180 ha property under strict specialist supervision. There are five fully set all-inclusive programs that are part of the weight loss/correction process – Main Program, 7-Day Express Program, 3-Day Intensive Program, Antistress Program and Relax Program, they both include balanced meals threefold
times a day, regular physical exercise and body and facial treatments. For your convenience there is WiFi coverage at the entire property and guest parking lot.

Program Silver Age 65+

Booking period: 10 days

What is included in the Program Silver Age 65+?

A choice of 8 types of rooms, single, double or triple occupancy

Fivefold balanced nutrition (including individual needs)

The doctor’s consultation

Analysis of body composition by bioimpendance

Cardiogram (if necessary)

Calculation of permissible load

Exercises (optionally)

General body massage – 5 procedures

*for contraindications is replaced by back massage

Hydro-massage – 3 procedures

Classic facial massage + modeling facial massage with alginate mask – 5 procedures

Water aerobics – 4 lessons

Daily classes on the apparatus of hypoxy-hyperoxy therapy from 30 to 40 minutes on the apparatus of Cell air Gecko

Classes on a roller simulator + Nazarov apparatus (optionally)

In the free time, a bathhouse and a swimming pool are available (according to the schedule)

Fishing (optionally, with your fishing rods)

At the reception you can book group and individual meditation classes (by appointment)

*Be sure to give fresh (no later than 14 days) blood tests and cardiogram

*for an additional fee it is possible here to go through a full Check-up examination


For ALL guests:

1200 EUR – for staying in room of ANY category.

For an additional fee it is possible here to go through a full Check-up examination, the cost is specified by the management.


You can view additional paid services price here.


Waking up
08:00 — 08:15
Morning weighing
08:20 — 09:00
Morning exercise
09:00 — 09:30
First breakfast
09:30 — 10:30
First Nordic walk
11:00 — 11:30
Second breakfast
11:40 — 12:40
Body massage or facial
12:50 — 13:50
Aqua aerobics / fitness
14:00 — 14:30
14:30 — 15:30
Free time
15:30 — 16:30
Second Nordic walk
17:00 — 17:30
Afternoon snack
18:00 — 19:00
Swimming pool / hydro massage / bath
19:30 — 20:00
20:00 — 20:15
Evening weighing
20:30 — 22:30
Sauna / movie / dance / recreation
Lights out