Rules of stay

General rules of stay

  1. It is forbidden to leave the territory during the course of the ACADEMY VITALITY without company of the coach.
  2. The client is obliged to present identity document.
  3. Check to be carried out only under condition of 100% payment on the day of arrival at the reception, late arrivals and payment the following morning before procedures. Payment can be made convenient way for You, the administrator, in cash or by credit card.
  4. The client starts the program after conversation with the doctor.
  5. 5. Customers are obliged to take care of the property and equipment of the Academy and are personally financially responsible for their damage.
  6. The entire territory of the Academy is “closed” area with the only possible for leaving after the resolution of the Administration.
  7. The age limit for customers is 18 years and persons from 16 years can only with their parents support (guardians).
  8. Customers are obliged to follow the daily exercises and the regime of the Academy.
  9. It is strictly necessary to visit all the planned procedures according the schedule issued daily by the Administrator (exceptions are only with the permission of the doctor).
  10. Follow the diet provided by the Academy.
  11. It is strictly forbidden the import of all kinds of food and beverages especially alcohol.
  12. The administration has the right to fix for a certain time personal coach for any client in case of problems with weight loss.
  13. NO any kinds of pets.
  14. Smoking is permitted in special smoking areas.
  15. Guest’s visits during the course of the Academy are allowed only with following these Rules of stay and preliminary approval of the dates with the administration.
  16. The possibility of staying for the night for visitors is available only on the condition of following these Rules and food regime of the Academy.