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Booking and payment rules

Booking rules of the Academy «VITALITY»:


  • First of all, choose the most suitable period for you with a duration of 7 days;
  • Determine the date of anticipated arrival and departure;
  • Decide on the category of rooms on our website;
  • The cost is indicated per day of the program per person. The price includes: accommodation, 5 meals a day, a set of all procedures and physical activities, entertainment, Wi-Fi, parking and all taxes and fees. The Academy operates on the principle of «all-inclusive»;
  • Reservation is done by sending to the Academy:
    а) From the Academy website;
    б) by e-mail: info@academyvitality.com;
    в) by phones: +371 26511011, +371 29994252 (WhatsApp);
    г) Directly in the center, filling out a questionnaire from the administrator.
  • After receiving the application, our representative will contact you to clarify information on the availability of vacancies for the period specified by you, and also help you to determine the cost taking into account additional services, transfer, analyzes;
  • For booking, you must make an advance payment of not less than -50% of its full value at the bank details of the Academy or provide the payment card data for the reservation of funds in the amount of 50% of the full cost of the program. If necessary, you will be billed separately;
  • When paying the invoice, please specify the name (in Latin letters), the booking number and the date of arrival;
  • The settlement is made only on condition of 100% payment on the day of arrival at the reception desk, at late arrival payment is made the next day in the morning before the start of the procedures. Payment can be made in a convenient way for you at the reception: cash and bank card.


Refund Policy:


  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances for the cancellation of the booking, the refund of money is refunded in the following order:
    1. If you cancel your reservation 10 days or less before the day of arrival, you will pay a penalty of 100%;
    2. If the default is not made, the amount of the prepayment is not refundable;
    3. In the case of cancellation of the reservation, issued through intermediaries, money is not returned, please contact the place of purchase of the permit.
  • Return of funds to the Client is not carried out in case of impossibility to perform the service, as well as early departure for reasons arising from the fault or initiative of the Client;
  • In case of late arrival of the Customer not through the fault of the representatives of the center, the period of stay in the Academy for the days of delay is not extended, the cost of unused days is not refundable;
  • Failure to attend the procedures and classes provided for by the weight correction program due to the Client’s fault is not grounds for refund of money, as well as compensation for certain types of procedures.